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Join us and trade along side seasoned professionals as they share their strategies, trading plan, signals and alerts!
Trader Employment Opportunities
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Experienced Traders Wanted For Employment
Are you a seasoned trader looking for employment? Our professional trading service providers will hire you to remotely trade their firm's capital.  These providers are all registered members of the CBSX - CBOE and those who qualify for this position will be provided with trading equity,  free online trader room access, and a Level II Trading Platform.  If you are qualified for this position, please see our employment description and contact us for more information.
Trader CBSX Sponsorship Program - Training for Employment
Would you like to learn how to trade and get employed with us?   We will sponsor anyone who wishes to seriously pursue a career as a stock market day trader.  Our CBSX Sponsorship will include training and education courses & coaching. Graduates will be tested for qualification and receive immediate employment with our firm.  Additional benefits apply.  >>More Info<<
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